Haydon Tyres & Garage Services two wheel alignment can resolve problems such as poor car’s handling,  Car pulling to the left /  right or serious tyre wear
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Two Wheel Alignment

Are you having problems with your car’s handling? Perhaps your car is pulling to the left or the right on straight road sections, or you’ve noticed serious tyre wear over a relatively short period? Your problems may be caused by unbalanced or misaligned wheels - but Haydon Tyres & Garage Services are here to help.

Get your wheels rebalanced and realigned by our highly trained servicing mechanics. Call us on 023 8081 2970 for more information.

Wheel Alignment

Did you know that the wheels on your car could actually be pointing in separate directions? Problems with camber (the inward or outward tilt of the wheel), castor (the pivot angle of the steering axis) and toe/tracking (the inward or outward point of the front wheels) can subtly affect the alignment of your vehicle’s wheels.

These tiny issues are amplified by the effects of physics, essentially meaning each wheel will be fighting against the other three to keep your vehicle travelling in a straight line.

Driving with misaligned wheels can cause rapid and uneven tyre wear, as well as wonky, unresponsive handling and a seriously rough ride. Keep these problems at bay with 4-wheel alignment servicing from Haydon Tyres & Garage Services.

Using revolutionary laser measurement equipment, your wheels will be carefully assessed to pinpoint any alignment issues. Our experienced mechanics will then make precise adjustments to the positioning of each wheel, getting them back on the straight and narrow.

You’ll be given a before-and-after printout at the end of the session, detailing the different issues and the work carried out to fix them - so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

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Wheel Balancing

As well as wheel alignment, Haydon Tyres & Garage Services also offer wheel balancing services. These ensure that the mass of each wheel is correctly balanced around the whole wheel, giving you a safer and more comfortable ride.

Vehicles with misbalanced wheels suffer similar symptoms to those with misaligned wheels - tyres quickly wear down in uneven patterns, and the vibrations caused can wreak havoc with your suspension and your steering wheel.

Whether you’ve noticed your drives getting more shaky, or you’re getting new tyres fitted and you want to prevent balancing issues in the future, we can check your wheels for asymmetric weight distribution using our specialised electronic balancing machine.

Balance weights will be added, removed or redistributed to rebalance the wheel, and the whole process usually takes less than 20 minutes altogether, getting you back on the road in no time.

After a wheel alignment or wheel balancing session, you’ll notice your drives are much smoother, with minimised vibration and a more even spread of tyre wear. You’ll also prevent your tyres wearing out too early and reduce the risk of damage to your suspension, saving you money on repairs and tyre replacements.

To learn more or to book an appointment with our alignment and balancing experts, call Haydon Tyres & Garage Services on 023 8081 2970.