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Haydon Tyres Special Offer - Cooler than a cat... Air Conditioning Full Service only £50

Is your in-car / Van air conditioning simply not cutting the mustard? Haydon Tyres & Garage Services can repair and revitalise your air conditioning, bringing the cool air back to your summer journeys.

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Stay Cool This Summer

Driving on a bright sunny day is one of life’s little pleasures.

Unfortunately, the tranquility of a summer drive can be spoiled all too easily by broken air conditioning. Your car becomes a greenhouse without the cool air, and your only relief is to open a side window - and confront the excruciating ‘helicopter effect’. Don’t wait until the heat arrives to get it fixed.

Haydon Tyres & Garage Services offer air conditioning servicing to help you restore your tired A/C system.

Using specialised service equipment, your air conditioning will be ‘recharged’ by removing the spent refrigerant gas inside, and replacing it with the precise amount of fresh coolant your particular vehicle model requires.

To ensure the maximum lifespan for your newly recharged air conditioning, our equipment also tests for leaks in the system. The refrigerant contains a dye which glows under UV light, and with our special UV goggles, we can spot the origin of any leaks and quickly repair them.
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Keep Your Car Cosy in Winter

Of course, your air conditioning system doesn’t just handle cooling - it should also keep you warm on those chilly winter trips.
If your in-car heating is leaving you cold, our expert service engineers can identify the fault and get your system up and running again.

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